Wanting To Change Your Body Is OK

There’s a lot of body positivity and “screw the scale” going around on social media these days which trust me; I’m 100% all for.

I agree whole heartedly you should love the shit out of your body no matter WHAT it looks like, there’s no ideal body, and everyone has their own unique shape, size, and weight that works for them and that is healthy to them.

A healthy body is subjective and is different depending on who you are. There is no cookie cutter shape, and sometimes your “goal body” is not attainable for your specific body type.

That being said there is also nothing wrong with wanting to change things about your body, and there should be no shame in wanting to better yourself for aesthetic or health purposes.

Take what you see and read on social media with a grain of salt.

You shouldn’t feel shame or bad about wanting to improve your health or body. Just because you want to change your body doesn’t mean you don’t love it.

In fact something I’ve learned is I want to change my body because I love it. I want to be the healthiest version of myself I can be. I want to live a long healthy life and in turn teach Ainsley healthy eating habits and stay active with her.

You don’t have to be happy with where you are, it’s okay to have health and fitness goals. Wanting to be better is not “hating yourself” or “shaming” or body, as long as you are in a stable and healthy mindset and want to change for the correct reasons.

In saying that, I think it’s also very important to love yourself at every stage. You don’t have to be happy with the way your body looks right this moment, you can want to change things. But you need to appreciate what your body does for you and treat it well.

Fuelling yourself with good food, staying active, and appreciating your body will get you where you want to be.

But in your journey to change don’t lose yourself.

Still do things you enjoy, don’t give up activities, friends, or family, for the gym.

Treat yourself to foods you love even if they aren’t the “best.”

Living a healthy lifestyle is a journey, it’s not an “8 week fix” or a crash diet. It takes time and effort both physically and mentally. Balance is hard, it doesn’t come naturally and requires trying and failing (and then trying again!)

Finding your healthy is what’s important, and everyones “healthy” looks different. Get your mind and body to somewhere you feel the best and are content with. But don’t sacrifice other aspects of your life.

Dont swing too far to one side of the spectrum. Love yourself, but be healthy. People want you around for a long time!

Shaming People In The Gym

There is a viral post currently going around on twitter at the moment where a man has snapped a picture of a woman on a treadmill and captioned it something ignorant about how she’s “still gone be fat only walking 1mph on her phone.”

I’m not going to show the picture in respect of this poor lady and will not name this awful man either because he does not deserve the exposure. But I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about this. Because this happens more than you think to women and men all over.

First and foremost, everyone’s journey is different. No ones weight loss or fitness journey looks the same. Everyone starts somewhere and whether that be 100lbs overweight and trying to lose weight or 50lbs underweight and trying to put on some muscle, you can never judge someone in the gym, at the end of the day we’re all there to better ourselves in some way or another.

What someone chooses to do in the gym is there prerogative. Has absolutely zero to do with you or anyone else. They may only be able to do certain things due to doctor order, injury, or maybe just having a bad day and not being motivated (happens to everyone.)

Getting to the gym and walking is better than staying at home in the couch. Some people (like me) go to the gym more for the mental aspect. Some days if my anxiety is out of control all I do is walk at the gym, getting some steps in and clearing my head is far more beneficial to me than laying and wallowing in my anxiety at home.

People all over the world, overweight, underweight, young, and old, already find it hard to get started in the gym. It’s intimidating on the best of days and getting started is the hardest part. We’re all self conscious and nervous enough about being surrounded by meat heads, but having inconsiderate people like this man on twitter who’s exploiting someone who’s just trying to walk on the damn treadmill is not helping.

This kind of behaviour is disgusting, body shaming someone is never okay, let alone when they’re at the gym working on themselves.

Moral of this rant is to mind your own business, work on your own self and leave other people alone. What someone does in the gym shouldn’t phase you, and if it does then workout at home. The gym is no place for people like you anyways.

What I’m Doing In The Gym

I find myself so stuck on what to write some days but honestly my passion in life other than being Ainsley’s Mum is health and fitness.

I take a lot of time and effort doing research to better my understanding in both nutrition and exercise to better myself and make sure what I’m doing is efficient!

So I figured I’d write about what I’m currently doing at the gym.

I know a lot of people are scared and nervous to start going to the gym and sometimes are confused as to what to do. So I’m going to be putting more workouts and tips on my blog.

If this interests you make sure to stick around! If not I’ll still be doing many other blog topics (mental health, motherhood.)

But that being said, here’s what I’ve been up to;

Generally I go to the gym 6 days a week! You definitely do not need to go this much but it’s the only time I have to myself so I cherish my gym time very much.

My current split is as follows;

Day 1: Legs, glutes and hamstring focus

Day 2: Shoulders, triceps, abs, and cardio

Day 3: Back, Biceps, and cardio

Day 4: Legs, quad focus, abs

Day 5: General Upper Body (try to hit everything), and cardio

Day 6: Full body circuits, and cardio

I don’t have specific days of the week I do each day, but in a week I try to get each in. No specific order, but definitely not back to back leg days…

I do cardio pretty frequently mostly because I like doing it. I mostly do steady state cardio, 30 mins of high incline walking, but I try to do HIIT sprints once a week. I also like to do my cardio on the stair master, just depends on my mood! Even on non cardio days sometimes I’ll still do a 20 minute walk. I stay at home all day with Bubs so it’s nice to get some steps in!

I do have written out exercises that I plan for each body part but I also sometimes just wing it, do what feels good, and just focus on hitting the desired muscle! I like to experiment with movements. I find that keeps working out fun and I don’t get bored as easily!

In a nut shell that’s my gym schedule, and what I do. But keep in mind this is majority of the time, not ALL the time. Some weeks I only make it to the gym 4 times or even 3! If I’m sick, or Ainsley’s being a handful.

I do the best I can and just try to stay consistent! I’m not always perfect but I’m always trying.

If you’d like to see workouts for a specific day be sure to let me know!

My Favourite Leg Day Exercises

I’ve had multiple requests for more posts regarding exercise and specifically what I do during my workouts!

Currently I’m following an 8 week challenge plan, but generally I like to make my own routines. I like to switch it up and have fun with my training, so following a strict plan to me gets pretty boring. I prefer to experiment with different movements and see what hits my muscles the best.

Today I’m going to share with you my five favourite exercises to do on leg day. Hitting all the leg muscles both posterior and anterior is important, squats are great and all, but variation is key if you want to see change in your body.

  1. Straight Leg Deadlifts; These are my absolute favourite. This exercise I find hits my hamstrings the best. And with an added squeeze at the top it hits the glutes amazingly as well. In this move your form is very important to ensure you aren’t injuring your back. Make sure to hinge at the hip, keep the tension in your butt and hamstrings, NOT YOUR BACK.
  2. Goodmornings; Similarly to the  first exercise, goodmornings also target glutes and hammies. For this move it is also crucial to keep your back level and hold tension in your glutes and legs, no one wants an injured back.
  3. Back Squats; Everyone knows this one, a fan favourite for glute exercises. For this move its important to keep your toes and knees in check, you dont want your knees to go over your toes. Keep a slightly wider than shoulder width stance and get as low as you can. Good range of motion will help to truly engage all your muscles.
  4. Curtsy Lunges; This exercise is hard to explain but you will see in the video. This is an awesome movement that hits both muscles in the front and back of the leg. I super set these with other leg exercises to get a really good burn!
  5. Front Squats; Great to hit the quads and other anterior leg muscles. These can be somewhat tricky to get the grip (I’m still trying to find what grip I like best.) But These mixed with back squats you are sure to hit everything!

These are just some exercises you can implement into your next leg day. Keep in mind I’m no personal trainer, these are just exercises that I find work for me and get me waddling out of the gym! These exercises mixed with some others can make for an awesome leg day!

As for sets, reps, and weight, that’s all based off of your goals and experience level!

I hope you guys use these exercises on your next leg day and feel the burn like I do.

Below I’ve attached a sped up video of  each exercise as an example for you guys.


Do Anywhere Circuit

I’ve been really into circuits lately as my post workout cardio so I thought I’d give you guys a killer one that I made myself!

I do circuits when I can’t be bothered doing traditional cardio like the treadmill or elliptical. Circuits are a fun way to switch things up and there are so many variations! I love playing with circuits to see what gets me sweating! Plus a bonus is they don’t require any machines.

This circuit only requires a bench so it’s very easy to do at home, at a park, or in a gym! Make sure if you give it a try let me know what you think!

Here’s the circuit I’ve been loving lately!

  • Ab in n outs x 15
  • Vertical bench hops x 15
  • Step ups x 15
  • Glute kick backs x 15
  • Jump squats x 20
  • Push-ups x 15
  • Burpees x 15
  • Tricep dips x 20
  • Toe taps for 30 seconds
  • Mountain climbers for 30 seconds

Try your best to go without breaks from exercise to exercise (example go from burpees IMMEDIATELY to tricep dips, ect) and rest only after you make it through the whole circuit (after you’ve finished your mountain climbers.) If you absolutely need a breather of course take one! Once you’ve completed the entire thing THEN rest, grab water, and start again until you’ve completed 3-4 rounds (depending on your fitness level.) 💪🏻

Here’s a tiny snippet from the circuit, this was my fifth round (took me a while to get a decent angle) at the end of shoulder day so don’t mind my face (it was also a sweltering 30 degrees so hence the hot mess express…)

Have fun and get sweaty friends! 💦

Back In The Gym Booty Workout

For the two months I was in Canada I was away from my gym membership that I have here in Aus.

For those who know me know the gym is my therapy, my happy place, and the time of day as a stay at home Mom I have to myself!

After two long months I finally started up again this week and boy am I ever excited to be back!

Weights feel so much more heavy, I have definitely lost muscle but I’ve been loving my workouts none the less. It’s a solid 30 degrees in the gym so my workouts are super sweaty which as gross as it is feels awesome!

I thought I’d give you my booty workout that I did yesterday, since the last workout I shared people loved!

This leg day was mainly hamstring/glute focused, and a real burner! Keep in mind my sets/reps are aimed toward hypertrophy (muscle growth) if you have other goals in mind (such as strength or muscle endurance) switch the rep range!

  • 10 min warm up on the stair master
  • Barbell squats 4×8
  • Hip thrusts 4×8
  • Single leg DB deadlifts 3×12 (each leg)
  • Goodmornings 3×12
  • Cable pull throughs 3×12
  • Hamstring curls 3×12
  • Weighted walking lunges 3 sets till failure

* SUPERSET with jump squats till failure *

  • 20 minutes high incline walking

And that’s it!

Make sure for all exercises you are training your muscles till failure. What I mean by this is you should not be able to finish more than 12 reps. If you’re able to do more than 12, UP THE WEIGHT! And if you can’t make it to at least 8-10 LOWER the weight. The key to building muscle is to work your muscles, so make sure you’re using the appropriate weight required. By the end the 12th rep you should be struggling, and it should burn 💪🏻

Also with these leg exercises make sure your glutes are engaged, you should feel the tension in your glutes and hammies, NOT YOUR BACK! Focus on the mind to muscle connection and ensure you’re using the right ones!

Let me know if you give this a go! I’d love to hear feedback, since I do make my own workouts, I’d love to hear what others think of them!

Cheers Xx

Nap Time Sweat Sesh

A lot of people really liked the last workout I posted so I’m coming at you with another one!

Since then I have picked myself up some resistance bands and oh my do they make a difference! It’s amazing what body weight and a little bit of resistance can do! I also have a 10lb kettle bell.

Clearly not a lot of equipment, but still enough to get an awesome sweat on in just 30-40 minutes! 2 days after this workout and my body is still sore, so I know it worked!

Like I said previously I’m experimenting by making my own circuits. For the most part thus far they are generally full body! I’m not looking to build muscle until I get back to the gym, these circuits are just to get my heart rate up and get sweaty! I try to keep my workouts short enough to do while Ainsley is napping but still high intensity so I reap the benefits.

Hope you enjoy, if you do try it out make sure to leave a comment how you found it, and if you changed it at all! I’m always looking for new ways to change my workouts.

Full body circuit; repeat circuit constantly with minimal short breaks for 30 minutes

  • Jumping jacks x50
  • Resistance band bicep curls x20
  • Mountain Climbers x50 (25 each leg)
  • Single leg deadlifts (10lb kettle bell) x30 (15 each leg)
  • Kettle bell swings (x20)
  • Resistance band upright rows (x20)
  • Jump lunges (x20)
  • Wide stance squats with 10lb kettle bell (x20)
  • Plank till failure

This gets me super sweaty and pretty tired, may not seem to hard in writing but if you don’t take long rests it’ll really get you. Generally I take about 30 seconds after a couple exercises, catch my breath and keep working!

Now get off your bum and go try it out!

My Favourite Activewear

I swear I own more activewear than any other type of clothing and I’m totally not sorry about it… I don’t even need to be working out to wear it, I’ll rock the “heading to the gym” look any day of the week. Athletic wear is just so much more comfortable, especially post baby.

I’m constantly buying and on the lookout for new activewear, I’ve found a couple pieces I love and that are absolute staples which I’m going to share today. And if you guys are interested in another post I’ll share items I did not like!

But enough chatting, I’ll just get into to my favourite activewear;

  • Lulu Lemon Hi-Rise Wunder Under Full on Luxtreme

An absolute staple for anyone who works out. The Luxtreme fabric unlike Luon is more of a compression feel, it really sucks you in! I also find it more sweat wicking than the Luon. I use these leggings when I know I’m going to be working up a sweat. The high waist is also a must.

  • Lulu lemon All the right places pant

They have a fricken pocket you guys, A POCKET! Whoever thought to put a pocket on leggings is a genius, it’s so handy. I love these for at the gym so I can stick my phone in my pocket instead of stuffing it in my bra… Aside from the pocket these leggings are super comfy, sweat wicking, and durable! The super high waist is also nice when doing HIIT or cardio and my shirt is always flying around.

  • Lorna Jane Twiggy Tight

These tights are a material I’ve yet to find in any other tight. In the most positive way it almost reminds me of like a wet suit… I know that may sound unappealing but trust me they are SO soft and SO sweat wicking it’s insane! They are extremely comfortable and the most high waisted leggings I’ve ever seen. They just hold everything in and are perfect for cardio!

  • Old Navy Go-Dry Strappy Mesh Tank

When it comes to tops, I’m not as picky as I am with my leggings. I generally don’t spend too much on my workout tops. I mostly get them from old navy (Canada) or cotton on body (Australia.) I have this specific top from old navy in about three colours and I love it! It fits well, is comfortable, and doesn’t show sweat easily.

  • Live Fit Century Muscle Tank

Although not as cheap as old navy, most certainly worth it. Live Fit’s muscle tanks are the softest things I’ve ever felt. Seriously it’s hard to explain the material, but it’s like your favourite T-Shirt times ten! I was sceptical on purchasing this because like I said I don’t like to spend money on tops, but now I have four so… That should say something!

  • Live Fit Cropped Hoodie

I mean aside from the fact this is super adorable. I love this sweater for days I don’t plan on doing any cardio and want to keep warm in the gym. It’s cute, not too heavy so I don’t sweat like a maniac, and is the perfect amount of cropped to wear comfortably with high waisted leggings!

  • Nike Free Run Flyknit

If you are in the market for a running shoe, look no further. These are hands down the BEST running shoe I’ve ever owned. They weigh next to nothing and with the sock like fit, feel like you aren’t even wearing shoes! They are so stretchy and comfy, I could seriously walk or run forever in these. I wear low cut no show socks with these and they have yet to give me any type of blister! I wear these for cardio, lifting, or leisure! I love love love these shoes.

Those are my favourite active wear pieces that come to the top of my head. As you can see I didn’t include any sports bras, because I have yet to find a sports bra that I actually like! So PLEASE if you have a sports bra recommendation I’d love to hear it because I’m in serious need of a good one!

At Home Full Body Circuit Workout

While visiting here in Canada I chose not to join a gym. As much as it sucks because the gym is my happy place, I’ve been doing at home workouts to get those endorphins flowing!

Sometimes they involve a few more breaks than Id like thanks to Miss Ainsley. But it feels nice to get a sweat in regardless. Sometimes if she absolutely won’t cooperate I just switch my workout up and use her as a 14lb weight!

I make my own circuits since I have no weights, so my goal is to keep things fast paced to get and keep my heart rate up.

I usually do a circuit over and over again with no rests (unless I have a wailing baby) until 30 minutes is up! By the 30 minute mark I’m usually a sweaty mess anyways…

There are so many great at home circuits out there on Pinterest, or if you feel like spending money I highly suggest the Kayla Itsines guide. I use the Kayla Itsines workouts when I can’t make it to the gym, but like I’ve said lately I’ve been making my own circuits!

Here’s the circuit I did yesterday, if you take no rests and keep the intensity up I swear in just 30 minutes you’ll be sweating like a rat in a wool sock.

  • Skipping (if you don’t have a rope just do the arm motions): 1 minute
  • Pulse Squats: 20 reps
  • Burpees: 15 reps
  • Alternating Lunge: 20 reps (10 each side)
  • Jump Squats: 20 reps
  • Push-ups: 15 reps
  • Mountain Climber: 50 reps (25 each side)
  • Plank: 1 minute
  • Tuck jumps: 15 reps
  • Bicycle crunch: 20 reps

Repeat until you’ve done 25-30 minutes! Then don’t forget to stretch, it’s very often underrated but is very important!

I’m pretty sore today which means it was a good workout! But keep in mind everyone is different so if you do try this and feel the need to modify it that’s okay! You can add your own things, add rest breaks, even add weights if you have them!

If you give this a go make sure to let me know how you liked.

Stay sweaty friends!