My Baby is One; Ainsley’s 1 Year Update

Holy crap you guys. How is my sweet little girl already a whole year old!? Time has seriously flown, and I know every single parent says that but seriously I’m in denial that no longer have a little baby…

When I look back at this past year it’s amazing how much she’s grown and changed. From being a little bean that did nothing but cry to a slightly bigger bean who loves to adventure around and learn.

It’s seriously been the best year of my life watching her develop all these new fun skills. It makes me so happy seeing her grow but simultaneously sad because I secretly want her to stay my little baby forever…

As for what’s new with Ainsley, she’s now walking! She took her first steps at 10.5 months but only now is she starting to use it more as a primary mode of transportation. Unless she needs to get away from me super fast… Then she crawls because she’s a speedy little thing!

I’m not sure how tall she is but she’s pretty long (or at least I think so) and she’s roughly around 19lbs! Shes just starting to fit into her 12-18 month clothing.

As for eating, she’s really upped her game the last month! She eats 3 meals a day with a snack or two. Now that she has 6 (almost 8) teeth she’s been eating a ton more variety of foods and is more open to veggies now (but still a little hesitant unless they have parmesan on them.) She loves pasta with pesto, grilled chicken, any fruit, toast with jam, grilled cheese, spinach and feta omelettes, and her new favourite is smoothies!

We just started to transition her off formula and onto whole milk and so far she doesn’t seem to care or notice. Were at about 75% milk, 25% formula in her bottle, so within the next few days she’ll be fully on milk!

Personality wise, she is such a busy body! I can never get her to stand or sit still longer than 2 minutes. She’s go-go-go all the time! Loves to get into anything and everything, loves to dance to music, loves to clap hands, wave bye-bye, and she LOVES to climb. She will climb anything she can, whether it be me, the stairs, or into her toy box. If she can get a foot on it, she’ll try to climb it! We have a cheeky little monkey on our hands.

She doesn’t have time for too many cuddles for Mum so I take them when I can get them… She’d rather climb me than hug me.

In terms of sleeping she’s been a dream (knock on wood.) She currently still naps twice but I have a feeling that is going to turn into one soon. She wakes up at about 7-7:30am has a morning nap around 10:30am then a short afternoon nap around 3:30pm and goes to bed at around 8:00pm! Given the weekends when we’re busy her schedule is a little different.

Her favourite toys at the moment are anything she can press or hit that makes noise. Little musical instruments, or toys with buttons, loves anything that plays music! Or anything she can tear apart, like her diaper bag… She loves to empty all of the contents of the bag onto the floor, and she’ll do it over and over again for as long as I let her.

Shes so much fun and loves to play. She constantly makes me smile and laugh, she almost makes it impossible to be in a bad mood. Whenever I’m having a crap day she knows exactly how to make me laugh.

We all love her so very much and I can’t wait to keep watching her grow. I know each year will bring new adventures and struggles but I’m so excited for every year to come and am so exited to see what’s in store for Little Miss Ainsley May!

Happy one year of life my little Angel! 💛

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