Ainsley’s 10 Month Update

Wow, better late than never!

Sorry for the delay and lack of posts. I’ve been extremely home sick lately and just not motivated to write because all I’ve wanted to do lately is cry.

But alas, I’m ready to break out if my funk. And what better way to do that than write about my little 10 month old monkey.

Ainsley is officially double digits; 10 months old! Holy smokes, I say this every month but how the heck did this happen!? She’s almost ONE!

She’s such a good baby, I can’t complain. We get very good sleep, and she has still yet to be sick with anything. Aside from some teething side effects she’s been the happiest bub.

Her top two teeth have cut through and are on the way down now! Which will make four little chompers.

She’s eating a pretty good variety of things, aside from anything on a spoon… She hates being spoon fed, just wants to eat all on her own! She loves eggs, cheese, fruits, pancakes, toast, avocado, and potatoes!

She’s a speedy crawler now and getting even harder to catch! She’s very close to walking, I reckon she could walk on her own but I think she just likes waking while holding peoples hands better…

Her personality is starting to really show, and she is one cheeky girl! So full of sass and very much so independent. She wants to do things her way or no way.

She likes to clap, wave goodbye, give high fives (only to a select few people,) call for “Mumum”, shake her head “No” to just about anything you say, and she plays very shy and bashful around people, but once she warms up she’ll let anyone grab her, unless you have a beard… She is for some reason terrified of people with beards.

This has been such a fun age so far and I’m loving it even more as the days go by. She really is my little best friend, and I’m so happy and lucky I get to stay home with her and be a part of her growing up. Noticing all the new things she learns is so amazing!

Her first birthday party planning is in full effect and things are slowly coming together. I’m so excited for her birthday but can’t believe in 8 weeks I will have a one year old…

I know they say time flies but I didn’t think this fast!

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