What Ainsley Eats

Ainsley is coming up on 10 months, so she’s been eating solids for a little while now. I’ve had a couple Moms ask me what she eats so I figured I’d go over some things she enjoys to eat!

Keep in mind her nutrition still mainly comes from her formula so food is more of a fun extra and a way to explore tastes and textures!

I’m also a little bit of a paranoid Mom, so so haven’t been too adventurous since I’m absolutely terrified of her choking…

That being said, here’s what Bubs loves to eat!

I’ll start with breakfast;

  • Fruit purée mixed with cereal and cinnamon
  • Yogurt
  • Scrambled or boiled eggs


  • Cottage cheese with cinnamon
  • Ricotta cheese with puréed blueberries
  • Shredded apple or pear
  • Shredded cheese


  • Pasta with tomato sauce
  • Steamed broccoli
  • Avocado
  • Veggie purée
  • Shreds of chicken
  • Sweet potato


  • Fruit puffs
  • Rice cakes
  • Cheerios
  • Any fruits

In general she’s not too picky. Except when it comes to veggies, she’s less of a fan, so those are harder to get in! She likes broccoli but that’s about it, trying to get carrot or anything of the sort past her lips is a struggle… But as for anything else she’ll pretty much happily eat it (when she’s in the mood that is.)

I’m still pretty hesitant as to what I give her because my worst fear is her choking, but as the weeks go on and she gets better with chewing I get a little better at allowing her new things!

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