Shaming People In The Gym

There is a viral post currently going around on twitter at the moment where a man has snapped a picture of a woman on a treadmill and captioned it something ignorant about how she’s “still gone be fat only walking 1mph on her phone.”

I’m not going to show the picture in respect of this poor lady and will not name this awful man either because he does not deserve the exposure. But I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about this. Because this happens more than you think to women and men all over.

First and foremost, everyone’s journey is different. No ones weight loss or fitness journey looks the same. Everyone starts somewhere and whether that be 100lbs overweight and trying to lose weight or 50lbs underweight and trying to put on some muscle, you can never judge someone in the gym, at the end of the day we’re all there to better ourselves in some way or another.

What someone chooses to do in the gym is there prerogative. Has absolutely zero to do with you or anyone else. They may only be able to do certain things due to doctor order, injury, or maybe just having a bad day and not being motivated (happens to everyone.)

Getting to the gym and walking is better than staying at home in the couch. Some people (like me) go to the gym more for the mental aspect. Some days if my anxiety is out of control all I do is walk at the gym, getting some steps in and clearing my head is far more beneficial to me than laying and wallowing in my anxiety at home.

People all over the world, overweight, underweight, young, and old, already find it hard to get started in the gym. It’s intimidating on the best of days and getting started is the hardest part. We’re all self conscious and nervous enough about being surrounded by meat heads, but having inconsiderate people like this man on twitter who’s exploiting someone who’s just trying to walk on the damn treadmill is not helping.

This kind of behaviour is disgusting, body shaming someone is never okay, let alone when they’re at the gym working on themselves.

Moral of this rant is to mind your own business, work on your own self and leave other people alone. What someone does in the gym shouldn’t phase you, and if it does then workout at home. The gym is no place for people like you anyways.

One thought on “Shaming People In The Gym

  1. You forgot END RANT!!! go you good thing. I can relate to every word you have written Maddie. It is unfortunately, all so very true. But you, young lady, continue to be an inspiration not only to me I am sure, but a whole lot of other people as well. Keep up to good work, keep sharing your life journey and please, allow us to continue on with you. xoxo


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