What I’m Doing In The Gym

I find myself so stuck on what to write some days but honestly my passion in life other than being Ainsley’s Mum is health and fitness.

I take a lot of time and effort doing research to better my understanding in both nutrition and exercise to better myself and make sure what I’m doing is efficient!

So I figured I’d write about what I’m currently doing at the gym.

I know a lot of people are scared and nervous to start going to the gym and sometimes are confused as to what to do. So I’m going to be putting more workouts and tips on my blog.

If this interests you make sure to stick around! If not I’ll still be doing many other blog topics (mental health, motherhood.)

But that being said, here’s what I’ve been up to;

Generally I go to the gym 6 days a week! You definitely do not need to go this much but it’s the only time I have to myself so I cherish my gym time very much.

My current split is as follows;

Day 1: Legs, glutes and hamstring focus

Day 2: Shoulders, triceps, abs, and cardio

Day 3: Back, Biceps, and cardio

Day 4: Legs, quad focus, abs

Day 5: General Upper Body (try to hit everything), and cardio

Day 6: Full body circuits, and cardio

I don’t have specific days of the week I do each day, but in a week I try to get each in. No specific order, but definitely not back to back leg days…

I do cardio pretty frequently mostly because I like doing it. I mostly do steady state cardio, 30 mins of high incline walking, but I try to do HIIT sprints once a week. I also like to do my cardio on the stair master, just depends on my mood! Even on non cardio days sometimes I’ll still do a 20 minute walk. I stay at home all day with Bubs so it’s nice to get some steps in!

I do have written out exercises that I plan for each body part but I also sometimes just wing it, do what feels good, and just focus on hitting the desired muscle! I like to experiment with movements. I find that keeps working out fun and I don’t get bored as easily!

In a nut shell that’s my gym schedule, and what I do. But keep in mind this is majority of the time, not ALL the time. Some weeks I only make it to the gym 4 times or even 3! If I’m sick, or Ainsley’s being a handful.

I do the best I can and just try to stay consistent! I’m not always perfect but I’m always trying.

If you’d like to see workouts for a specific day be sure to let me know!

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