Ainsley’s 9 Month Update

This month update came at me a million miles an hour. I feel like it was just yesterday she was turning 6 months, where on earth did 9 months come from?!

She’s such a busy body, and learning new things everyday. Every time I look at her she’s doing, eating, or babbling something new. I never thought watching a little human learn could be so amazing.

At 9 months now, Ainsley is full on crawling, if she wants to be somewhere there is nothing stopping her! She’ll crawl over obstacles to get what she wants.

She’s also pulling up on anything and everything she can, as well as cruising from item to item to get to her desired destination.

She won’t let you sit her down most times, she loves to stand or if you hold her hands she will walk assisted with you. Sitting is not (nor has it ever been) her favourite.

I’m not sure how tall she is but she’s 18lbs. She’s still on formula, but also enjoys lots of finger foods now! She really likes mango, watermelon, eggs, yogurt, cereal with fruit and cinnamon, rice cakes, and pasta! She doesn’t like traditional sippy cups, but LOVES the munchkin cups with the straws, she’ll drink out of them all day if you let her.

She says Mamma and Dadda. She loves to babble and screams when she’s happy.

This month she’s been such a Daddy and Grandpa’s girl, if she has the choice she’ll choose them over anyone else in the room! It’s very adorable but it’d be nice to get some love sometime soon…

Her favourite toys are the television remote and the blinds… She wants pretty much everything she’s not supposed to touch, including electrical cords so it’s time to baby proof.

As for sleep she’s been a dream! She sleeps all the way through now, rarely wakes for a bottle. So I can’t complain on that front, as well as she’s still taking 2 naps during the day totalling to 2 hours. Getting her down is not always easy, she’s always been a sleep fighter, but once she’s down she’s out!

She’s at such a fun age and her little personality is really starting to form. She is very vocal and expressive when she’s happy or sad. She’s starting to really enjoy certain people’s company and pick favourite toys and activities.

I can’t wait to see what the next month brings, she’s growing everyday and it’s so exciting.

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