Preparing for Ainsley’s First Easter

If you know me you know I plan ahead and am pretty much always prepared a month earlier then needed for just about everything.

Ever since I had Ainsley I’ve been well on top of holidays, milestones, and events. Getting her gifts, outfits, and generally just prepared way in advance.

That being said I’ve already prepped for her first Easter (is anyone shocked?)

Easter is one of my favourite holidays aside from Christmas of course, but definitely a close second!

Ainsley will still be too young for a traditional egg hunt. So we will be following a family tradition of mine and getting her a small bundle of Easter gifts, like my parents used to do for my brother and I!

I’ll share with you in this blog what we will be getting Ainsley, and what she will be wearing for Easter! Hopefully if you have a bub who is not quite egg hunting age yet this helps you out!

First off what we got Ainsley;

To put her Easter gifts and goodies in I found this super cute gift sack online! There wasn’t and embroidered option, but I would love to get her name stitched on it, for future easters!

To poke out the top of her sack we got her this gorgeous keep sake Bunny from Adairs. It’s a little more of an expensive stuffed animal and obviously there are cheaper bunny stuffies, but I wanted to get her a nice one for her first Easter!

She’s also desperately been needing some new toys so we decided to do a restock for Easter! We tried to shop for things with higher play value. We got her some puzzles, blocks, and some other toys. Here are some of the things we got her;

I tried to look for things that can grow with her and that she’ll be able to play with for a while! Opposed to an electronic toy she’ll be sick of next week (like her toys now…)

We got her a couple other things to fill up her sack but I’ll move on to her Easter outfit now!

I bought her dress a while ago and have already tried it on her, but it’s a beautiful white lace dress.

As for her head piece we had to get her some bunny ears of course, so I stumbled on these and just had to snatch a pair!

I’m so excited for Ainsley’s first Easter! Hopefully this gave some helpful insight for you and your little ones if you were as stumped as I was!

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