#BellLetsTalk (and Listen)

Today in Canada is Bell Let’s Talk day. For those who don’t know it’s a day where the internet blows up with the hashtag #BellLetsTalk.

As quoted from Bell’s website;

“For every applicable text, mobile and long distance call, tweet using #BellLetsTalk, Bell Let’s Talk Day video view on social media, use of the Bell Let’s Talk Facebook frame or Snapchat filter, Bell will donate 5¢ to Canadian mental health initiatives. Let’s work together to create a stigma-free Canada!”

I love the meaning of this day and regardless of how much money gets donated I think today is a great day to initiate conversation and to normalise the conversation about mental health and illness.

Something I do want to talk about though, is the importance of not just talking, but listening.

I think as a society sometimes we are so quick to talk, but we also need to put the same effort into listening.

Listening to someone who’s struggling can be one of the most beneficial things for them. So many people just need an ear, they need someone to reach out to, when they feel alone.

I want to be that person!

I’ve chosen not to talk about my own struggles today, because I feel like I can share my own thoughts, and emotions any day, not everyone feels the same. Some live in secrecy with their demons.

So instead of talking about myself today, I chose to make today about those who don’t feel comfortable coming forward on any other day and are using today as their first step.

Reaching out today is a huge first step, and it’s important to not only talk but to be heard.

Today opposed to sharing my story with mental health and illness I will be going through the hashtag #BellLetsTalk on twitter and offering my support to those opening up for the first time about their mental health. Because talking is one thing but feeling like someone’s heard you is another.

I want people to know that their voice DOES matter. Not just today but EVERYDAY.

It’s never a bad day to reach out, start seeking help, or to finally open up about your struggles.

Many use today as a day to do it because it’s being talked about, but keep in mind that mental health and illness should be an ON GOING conversation.

The other 364 days a year, it’s just as important as it is today.

Take today to teach someone who may not understand mental health more about it, or talk to someone who just came forward with their struggles or illness’.

Treat today as a stepping stone moving forward, today is the START of the conversation, it shouldn’t end come tomorrow.

Make mental health a conversation everyday, not just today!

That being said, if you are using today to finally come forward, congratulations! Talking about it is the first step, and I am so proud.

My DM’s on Instagram (madsmoreau) or my email (m_moreau49@hotmail.com) is ALWAYS open, if anyone out there feels alone or like their voice doesn’t matter.

24/7, 365, I’m here to have the conversation about mental health ALL the time. Don’t be ashamed to reach out, people will listen. You’d be surprised!

Crisis Support and Suicide Prevention Australia: 131114

Suicide Prevention Canada: https://suicideprevention.ca/need-help/

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