Ainsley’s 8 Month Update

Typing that title almost made me cry!

I cannot believe my little one is 8 months old! I don’t know why but it seems like every month goes faster and faster. Every time I look at her she’s doing something new, it’s incredible, exciting, and sad, all at the same time. A part of me just wants her to stay my little one forever, but of course I love even more to watch her grow… As sad as it is!

This month has been a whirl wind, we’ve been so busy that I seriously looked at the calendar and wondered where on earth January went…

The biggest milestone this month for little Bub is the new addition to her babbling vocab, she now says “Mama!” She’s pretty obsessed with saying it and I die a little inside of happiness every time she mutters it. I’m pretty positive at this point she thinks everyone is “Mama” but hey, I’ll take what I can get!

As for things on the crawling front, still a no go! Poor girl is trying desperately to crawl but thus far can only successfully go backwards. She becomes pretty frustrated and tends to give up and just roll to where she wants to go. I mean as long as she gets there right!

Her leg strength is pretty good, she can stand up against things all by herself (for a little that is, till she gives up.) If you hold her hands she’ll take a few assisted steps, or if you put her hands on her walker she’ll also take a few steps (assisted.) Something tells me she may just skip crawling and go straight to walking, since she seems may more interested in standing/walking over crawling.

She’s also started to try and pull herself up to standing, she can get about half way but still needs a little oomph!

She’s such a wiggly girl it’s hard nowadays to get a nice picture, she constantly is trying to grab everything in site and move around!

I’m not sure her weight but she fits into a true size 0 (6-12months.) She’s petite but eats heaps! She really loves yogurt, frozen berries, Bircher muesli, and still hates veggies.

She’s still on formula, but also has 3 meals a day of cereals, baby oats, purée foods, mashed foods, or whatever I put into her mesh feeder bag! This month we’re going to start more finger foods so wish me luck!

As for sleep, she still is napping twice a day, once in the morning and again in the afternoon. Then sleeps for about 10-12 hours at night, sometimes waking early morning for a tiny top up, then goes back down.

Overall she is a very happy Bub, loves to play with her toys, smack things, make noise, and sleep! She also loves to imitate people’s noises, enjoy’s laughing at people’s dance moves, and watching tennis or cricket with Daddy! She loves to smile at people and talk (or scream) at you.

She’s such a good baby and makes my life as a Mum so enjoyable. I look forward to spending everyday with her, even the bad ones, as tough as they are!

I cannot wait to see where the next month leads, so much to learn, she’s just beginning!

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