Postpartum Check-In

Well tomorrow I will be officially 8 months post partum and honestly it has absolutely flown by. I feel like it was yesterday that Miss. Ainsley blessed the world with her presence but it’s already been 8 whole months! How on earth is she only 4 months away from turning ONE!?

Time is truly a thief.

Tomorrow’s post will be all about Ainsley and her 8 month update but today is all about me! And how I’m doing now that I’m pretty much out of the “just had a baby” stage.

Now that I’m 8 months post partum I finally can say that I feel seriously amazing. My hormones have finally balanced out, I’ve had my first cycle (oh joy,) and my hair loss is finally starting to slow down (which means crazy baby hairs.)

The most annoying thing lately has been my baby hairs, they are just out here wilding and completely out of control. There’s no taming these puppies! They do whatever they please, even with hair spray and all. I’ve just learned to accept the new growth and hope for the best…

Oh and not to mention the annoyance that was my first period. Well let’s just say after bleeding for over 10 weeks after having Ainsley I was less than thrilled to start having a regular period again. Sorry if this is TMI but I just want to warn all you mammas out there the first period is AWFUL! Mother Nature comes back full force, with vengeance. So be stocked up on Tylenol, hot packs, and chocolate, you’ll need em’!

As for my body, I am finally starting to put back on some muscle and lose stubborn mum pouch! It’s taken me the entire 8 months but I feel less squishy for the first time since having Ainsley so that’s nice. I’ve been working my flat little mum butt so hard in the gym it’s nice to finally see some results! Its harder now than before I had Ainsley to put on muscle and lean out since I lost quite a bit of muscle while pregnant but I’m being kind to myself and trusting the process!

I also now feel like I’ve found a little bit of a groove as a Mum and don’t feel so lost anymore. The first 6 months post partum are definitely the hardest or at least we’re for me! While my hormones were still bouncing around, but once they settled and I finally got settled it’s been a world of difference. It took 8 months to feel confident in myself and myself as a Mum, so if you are post partum don’t try to rush things, your body and mind will balance out and you’ll know once you’ve settled.

It’s hard to explain but the months leading up to now I’ve still felt that “post partum blah” whereas now I feel completely out of the post baby stage and feel like myself again. I’ve been happier, more confident, and been up to going out and doing more with Ben, friends, or even just Ainsley and I!

It’s a great feeling to find your feet as a Mum, even if some days I still feel like a hot mess! It’s all a part of the journey we call motherhood.

My experience postpartum (aside from extremely bad bleeding) has been pretty good in comparison to some people’s. I’m very lucky and happy to be where I am at 8 months post-Ainsley. My pregnancy, birth, and after birth, have all gone so much better than I had imagined, it ALMOST makes me want another.

But I’ll just stick with my one 😉

Wishing all you Mammas the best on your post partum journey! Remember everybody is different and every experience will differ, this is just mine.

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