Valentine’s Gifts For Him

The day of love is right around the corner, that’s right, Valentine’s Day!

I almost forgot about it to be honest… January has absolutely FLOWN by.

Luckily I remembered in time so Ben and I could book a reservation at a restaurant. That was no easy task though, Melbourne is a pretty busy place February 14th apparently. So we may not have gotten our favourite restaurant but hey, I’ll take what we can get, a night out is a night out!

That being said something I took even longer to decide was what I was going to get Ben! And although I won’t be sharing that in this post (since he reads my blogs, Hi Ben…) I thought I’d share some ideas of what you could get your boyfriend/husband this year for Valentine’s Day! Hopefully make it easier on you, cause we all know how much guys suck to shop for.

  1. Experience Presents. To me, these hold so much more thought and value over something material. Doing something together with your partner is so fun and creates memories opposed to a materialistic item you’ll probably grow tired of. Some fun ideas would be going to a play, a hot air balloon ride, a sporting event, a concert, or doing a craft night like pottery or painting. Do something fun together that you don’t normally do!
  2. A Watch. Go to present for a guy, most men love watches and tend to like to have a collection. A nice watch is a classic piece they will get tons of use out of! Fossil and Nixon both make very nice men’s watches (in my opinion.)
  3. Sleep shorts, underwear, and socks. These comfy presents are always handy! I feel like Ben constantly loses all his so every holiday these seem like a good opportunity to stock him up! If you’re in Australia hit up bonds for some nice ones, those are Ben’s favourite.
  4. Speaker. Boys and their tunes, a speaker is a great present if you have a music or party loving partner! Bose makes super nice ones, but the UE Boom is what we have and I love it! It’s so portable and makes a great gift!
  5. Gym shoes. Stepping up the sneaker game is never a bad idea. If you have a man who loves to be active and hit the gym check out Adidas, they make super cool looking shoes for the gym!
  6. Wallet. Get rid of his old leather one that’s falling apart and upgrade to a nice new one! Roots makes amazing wallets (if you’re in Canada that is.)
  7. Something personalised. Whether is be a bracelet, mug, key ring, anything! Putting the effort into getting something personalised with your names, a special date, or his name, shows the next level of effort I’m sure he’d find sweet.
  8. Edible arrangement. Fruit, chocolate, donut bouquets, cookie pops, whatever it is there’s an edible arrangement for it! If your man has a super sweet tooth (like mine) he’s sure to love this delicious surprise! A lot of companies also offer some alcoholic add ons like beer, champagne, or whiskey to make it even better.

And that’s all I have for you! Hopefully one of these things sticks out for the man in your life. But if not, a nice handwritten love letter, a night watching Netflix, cuddling on he couch, drinking wine, and eating your favourite meal is just as good! No need to spend heaps of money, the day is about celebrating love and your relationship, so enjoy love birds!


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