My Favourite Leg Day Exercises

I’ve had multiple requests for more posts regarding exercise and specifically what I do during my workouts!

Currently I’m following an 8 week challenge plan, but generally I like to make my own routines. I like to switch it up and have fun with my training, so following a strict plan to me gets pretty boring. I prefer to experiment with different movements and see what hits my muscles the best.

Today I’m going to share with you my five favourite exercises to do on leg day. Hitting all the leg muscles both posterior and anterior is important, squats are great and all, but variation is key if you want to see change in your body.

  1. Straight Leg Deadlifts; These are my absolute favourite. This exercise I find hits my hamstrings the best. And with an added squeeze at the top it hits the glutes amazingly as well. In this move your form is very important to ensure you aren’t injuring your back. Make sure to hinge at the hip, keep the tension in your butt and hamstrings, NOT YOUR BACK.
  2. Goodmornings; Similarly to the  first exercise, goodmornings also target glutes and hammies. For this move it is also crucial to keep your back level and hold tension in your glutes and legs, no one wants an injured back.
  3. Back Squats; Everyone knows this one, a fan favourite for glute exercises. For this move its important to keep your toes and knees in check, you dont want your knees to go over your toes. Keep a slightly wider than shoulder width stance and get as low as you can. Good range of motion will help to truly engage all your muscles.
  4. Curtsy Lunges; This exercise is hard to explain but you will see in the video. This is an awesome movement that hits both muscles in the front and back of the leg. I super set these with other leg exercises to get a really good burn!
  5. Front Squats; Great to hit the quads and other anterior leg muscles. These can be somewhat tricky to get the grip (I’m still trying to find what grip I like best.) But These mixed with back squats you are sure to hit everything!

These are just some exercises you can implement into your next leg day. Keep in mind I’m no personal trainer, these are just exercises that I find work for me and get me waddling out of the gym! These exercises mixed with some others can make for an awesome leg day!

As for sets, reps, and weight, that’s all based off of your goals and experience level!

I hope you guys use these exercises on your next leg day and feel the burn like I do.

Below I’ve attached a sped up video of  each exercise as an example for you guys.


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