Cuddle + Kind

Today’s blog is a quick review of a company I believe deserves a shout out.

Disclaimer this is not a sponsored post, this is my 100% honest opinion, I just really like this company and think they’re doing something really amazing!

Cuddle + Kind is a US based online shop run by a family of five that sells ethically produced stuffed dolls.

Aside from the fact that they are absolutely ADORABLE and the options of dolls to chose from is plentiful. They are so well made, Ainsley has “Willow the deer” in the large size and I was so astounded by the companies values, the quality of the doll, and how kind the owners are, that I just had to write a blog about it to tell all my followers, friends, and family to support this amazing company.

The dolls are made with high quality ingredients that are soft and cuddly and also safe for your little to chew and suck on.

All the dolls come with an affirmation card, a little backstory, and their own personal birthday. I find little details like this so adorable and they give the doll a personality which I think will be cute when Ainsley’s a toddler, Willow will be like a little friend.

Now, what I really love about Cuddle + Kind is their business and why they make these dolls.

For EVERY doll sold they donate 10 meals to hungry children. You can go to their site and read where the money goes and how they do it. There’s no sketchy activity, it lays it all out for you. They’ve contributed to organisations such as the breakfast club of Canada, orphanages in Haiti, and the Children’s Hunger Fund. All reputable causes! These organisations directly help children in need.

Another reason I truly love and will continue to support this company is they provide jobs to women in Peru. Every doll is hand crafted by women overseas who are provided a fair trade and sustainable income.

Cuddle + Kind creates amazing quality and gorgeous dolls with such a good reason and goal behind them.

If you have a little one in your life I highly recommend checking them out! You will not be disappointed 💓

Cuddle + Kind:

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