The Story of Ainsley’s Birth

I get asked this question by pretty much everyone when I tell them I have a little one. Especially by other moms out there, they all wanna know Ainsley’s birth story. But even those who don’t have kids are very intrigued in the birthing process.

Not only will I tell my experience with giving birth but I’ll tell you what I think helped contribute to having such a good experience.

Keep in mind everyone is different, every baby, every body, and sometimes no matter how you prepare things can go in a complete different direction! So prepare the best you can, but expect the unexpected. Because birth is unpredictable.

Ainsley’s original due date was May 17th, then later on due to her size it was changed to May 24th! She was taking her sweet time because I was over due when I had her.

My contractions started the night of May 28th. All night I was tossing and turning in pain, but I thought they were just braxton hicks contractions so I didn’t think too much of them.

On the 29th I had an appointment with my OB in the morning who said I was still only 2cm’s. I told him about the contractions and he said he’d give me a membrane sweep (they basically stick fingers in your hoo-hah and try to disturb things) and hopefully that would get something going!

And it did! My contractions got stronger and closer together. I timed them all day and just relaxed on the couch breathing through the pain.

I had dinner with my family and started to get ready for bed. I had a gut feeling that she may come the next day or even that night so I got all of our bags ready to go.

I sat in bed with Ben eating twizzlers in between contractions, until it was time for sleep. Falling asleep was pretty tough, I was in a lot of pain but not enough where I wanted to go to hospital yet. I had heard so many Moms say they showed up to the hospital at 4cms and it took HOURS to progress. I much preferred being in my own home and my own bed dealing with the pain rather than in a hospital (hospitals creep me out.)

I finally fell asleep but was pretty restless. At around 3am I awoke from my sleep to feeling like I had peed myself… I ran to the bathroom kinda confused because I genuinely thought I had peed myself… I yelled out to poor Ben saying “I THINK I PEED MYSELF?! OR MY WATER BROKE? IS THIS MY WATER?” Poor Ben had no idea, and I don’t know why I asked but whatever.

I went upstairs to ask my Mom thinking she’d know but nope. Her waters never broke so she was just as clueless as us. It was certainly not what you see in the movies, there was no gush of water, it didn’t pour out like I thought it would. It literally was like I peed a lil.

After my water broke I stayed upstairs with my mom, Ben, and Ben’s mom. Just sitting on the couch dealing with the most pain my body has ever felt. Sitting wasn’t comfortable, standing wasn’t comfortable, nothing was comfortable. Everything hurt, and when a contraction came it literally took my breath away.

I got to the point where I was convinced I was going to vomit. I was huddled over my toilet wincing in pain and dry heaving. Looking back now I seriously don’t know how I coped, but you really don’t have a choice… That baby’s coming!

At about 3:45am, just 45 minutes after my water broke I decided it was time to go to the hospital. I couldn’t take the pain or pressure anymore and wanted the good stuff (drugs, I’m referring to drugs.)

The drive there was TERRIBLE. Every turn, stop, bump, hurt so much. My whole body was just in so much pain. Once we got to the hospital Ben had to get me a wheelchair because at this point my contractions were off the charts. I couldn’t stand up straight let alone walk.

He wheeled me as fast as he could to the birthing unit where they checked me in to a temporary bed to see how far along I was and see if I was ready to be admitted.

I was 6cm, it was both scary and relieving to hear. Terrified because I was going to give birth soon, but relieved that the pain would soon be done and I’d have my little bundle of joy in the world.

They admitted me immediately and started wheeling me over to my new room. Once we got there it was about 4:30am and things were moving fast. I put my gown on and the nurse asked me if I wanted an epidural and I responded with a very eager “YES PLEASE!”

She went to go get the set up for the epidural. But in the meantime I was in more pain I ever thought was humanly possible. I felt so much pressure I was convinced I was going to pee myself, I didn’t want to walk to the toilet because I was in so much pain so I even announced to everyone in the room I apologise if I pee on the floor but I ain’t moving!

I was hunched over leaning on the bed (the position I felt most comfortable.) It was then that I knew it was happening, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to explain the feeling, I don’t think anyone can when you know your baby’s coming. There’s just a switch in your body that says “it’s go time.” I screamed (very loudly) “I NEED TO PUSH!” And my mom yelled at me not to, but honestly I didn’t have a choice my body was doing the pushing and I couldn’t stop.

We hit the button to call the nurse who came rushing in, she also yelling not to push! She kept telling me I wasn’t far enough along and that it was dangerous to push at 6cm. She told me to relax, lay down, and wait for the epidural. But she would check me just incase.

She checked, and the look on her face was one I’ll never forget, just utter shock! She told me I was 9 and a half cm along and that there was no time for an epidural we needed to set up for birth STAT.

I mean I’m not gonna say I told everyone so but… I did, I told y’all she was coming! 🤷🏻‍♀️

The nurse got everything and came back to the room and told me the OB was in a C-section and won’t be making it to deliver the baby. At that point I truly didn’t care, I just wanted to get this baby out safe and sound!

So we got in position and started to push. Let me just tell you, pushing is the least of your worries. Once you go through a couple hours of contractions and pain you’ll be so ready and relieved to be pushing. I mean don’t get it twisted, it HURTS, a lot. But it’s so true what moms say, that your body knows what to do.

After only 30 minutes of pushing (which felt like 916372 hours) Ainsley came into this world May 30th at 5:40am in the morning, weighing a lovely 7lbs.

Once they put her on my beautiful little self on my chest (and she shit on me…) I thought it was all over, but BOY WAS I WRONG.

No one prepared me for post labour pains. No one even told me they were a thing?! Gee thanks Mom…

My after birth was very very bad. Probably my pay back for having such a quick birth. I had excessive and very bad bleeding. My placenta wasn’t coming out so they had to give me something so that it would, and thank good it worked and they didn’t have to do any surgery or procedure which they were setting up for.

I was shivering and shaking uncontrollably. They put me on an IV to give me something to stop the bleeding, but I was in so much pain it almost was worse than the birth process itself! I couldn’t sit up for a couple hours which made me kinda sad because I wanted to do immediate skin to skin with Ainsley but my bleeding and pain was so bad I wasn’t able to. So Ben had to strip down and do it, thanks Ben 😂

Once I was stable and the drugs kicked in I was finally able to sit up and hold the beautiful girl who just made me a Mamma.

Ainsley had no major health concerns, which as a new mom is your biggest concern. You just want to hear that your baby is okay.

The only thing with Ainsley was because of how fast she came out and how, she ended up pinching a nerve in her lip. You can still to this day notice it when she smiles or screams but the doctors said she should grow out of it!

The birth and after birth was extremely painful, but I would do it a million times over for Ainsley. I’m glad I did it naturally without any drugs (as painful as it was) because I got to have the full experience which some moms who have to have cesareans don’t have the choice to!

A lot of people are shocked at how quick my birth was especially as a first time Mom. We got to the hospital at around 3:50ish am and Ainsley was born at 5:40am. During my pregnancy I cared for and prepped my body for birth which in my opinion I think helped!

Here’s some of the things I did that I read would help with the birthing process that personally worked for me.

Staying active during pregnancy, I worked out at home and in the gym from 20 weeks until the week Ainsley was born! It kept me feeling good and kept my body and muscles ready for birth! They say giving birth is the biggest workout ever, and it’s true!

Walking, I walked a lot! Walking kept things moving and kept my joints and muscles nice and limber.

Stretching, don’t neglect stretching as a preggo Mamma! I know it’s not easy and can be very uncomfortable but it definitely helped. Doing pelvic and leg stretches not only felt relieving but helped during the birth process to feel more comfortable.

I ate a (mostly) healthy diet. I’m not sure if that had anything to do with it but I did my best to treat my body like a temple while I was pregnant. Obviously with the occasional donut or sour candy because cravings! But I looked at my pregnancy as a prep, a preparation for birth. I did my best to prepare my body for what was to come. And I think it paid off!

I’m very happy that I was blessed enough to be active throughout my pregnancy because I know a lot can’t because of a multitude of reasons. So before doing anything always make sure to talk to your doctor/OB/Midwife.

All in all I had a very good experience considering how some pregnancies and births go. Yes it hurt and yes it was gross, but it brought me the most beautiful thing in the whole world and for that I am forever grateful of my experience. I couldn’t have done it without my support system so a massive appreciation shout out to my lovely partner Ben, my amazing mother, my awesome Dad and Ben’s wonderful mamma. They all made the experience that much more special and bearable!

I hope you enjoyed my birth story and I would love love love to hear yours! So feel free to inbox me on Fb, Instagram, or email me! I find birth stories so interesting and special.

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