Living Down Under Vs. The Great White North

I’ve had many of my fellow Canadians ask me what I like about living in Australia and likewise I’ve had my Aussie friends ask me what I miss about Canada. So I decided to write a blog about it!

Disclaimer; both these countries are beautiful and amazing places to live and hold special value in my heart.

I know a lot more about my homeland, good old Canada, so I’ll start there.

All my family and childhood friends live in Canada. It’s where I was born, raised, and where I went to school. I’ve spent pretty much my entire life in Canada. So obviously it has the upper hand with the fact that my Mom, Dad, Brother, best friend, ect, all live there. But aside from my family, here are other things I love about Canada.

Being from Canada is a blessing. No matter where I travel I’m always proud to tell people where I’m from. Something I love about Canada is the amazing reputation Canadians have. People are always so interested and excited when I tell them I’m from Canada and that makes me so happy.

Another thing I prefer about living in Canada is the trees. I know this may sound silly but seriously! Here in Australia the trees aren’t as green or naturey looking? If that makes any sense… I prefer the nature looking aesthetic that Canada has, everything is so much greener and in my opinion prettier (sorry Aussies…)

SPORTS. I never in a million years thought I’d miss how much sports centre I was forced to watch. I miss watching baseball, hockey, and dare I say even Sunday night football with my brother. I find all they watch here is footy or cricket and for the love of gosh if I have to watch ONE MORE game of cricket I may go insane… In my opinion I find North American sports more entertaining!

To end, one of my most favourite things about Canada is fall. Australia doesn’t have a proper fall… I feel like fall is so hyped in Canada there’s tons to do. Corn mazes, apple picking, pumpkin patches. And just being around all the changing leaves is something I’m going to miss, nothing is more beautiful than fall in North America. I live for fall weather… If you know me, you know how much I despise the heat, so fall you will be dearly missed by this sweaty little Canadian.

Alright, enough bagging my poor Aussies. Because I love so much about the people here and their country!

First off, as hard as it is being away from my family like I’ve talked about before. My Aussie family and friends are seriously amazing. They’re so friendly, welcoming, caring, loving, and so much fun. I’ve met so many awesome people that have made this transition worlds easier.

Raising a child here in Melbourne is something I feel so lucky for. Melbourne is a seriously amazing city with SO many kid friendly things to do. Back when I was a nanny, I never ran out of things to do with the kids. There’s so many play centres, museums, cool parks, libraries. So much to do with the little ones. It makes me so excited to raise Ainsley in such an amazing place that’s so involved in their youth. Melbourne is the #1 most liveable city in the world and I can totally see why.

Shopping and eating are both much better over here in Aus. The shopping centres are amazing and the good ones are so much closer to me then they were when I lived in Canada. I much prefer the style of clothes they have over here, the stores have some seriously cute stuff.

As for eating, don’t even get me started! If I could eat out everyday oh trust me, I would. It’s probably the thing I find most different here, there’s so many independent restaurants and cafes not everything is a chain. In fact huge chains are more uncommon here. They don’t have things like Montannas, Swiss Chalet, East Sides, The Keg, Wild Wing, ect. Instead most restaurants are one offs and independently owned.

Along with amazing restaurants, there is a wider range of healthy options here. I think Australia is a little more health oriented than Canada is. Because I find so many healthy options when I’m out which makes someone who cares about that (aka me) very happy!

Last thing with regards to food, is COFFEE. If you love coffee you’ll love Melbourne. They take their coffee very seriously down here, and it shows. I didn’t care for coffee much until I moved here, and discovered the world of real coffee. It’s small, strong, and delicious. You can pretty much go to any Cafe and get the best latte you’ve ever had. I’m pretty much in love over here ☕️

Something I bet people aren’t expecting me to say that I love here is the weather. Now I don’t mean the 40 degree weather, screw that. But every other day when it’s not scorching it’s gorgeous out. Even their “winter” which is the closest to North American fall, is gorgeous (to me, although Aussies don’t seem to fond.) In Melbourne winter it gets pretty chilly so I find some joy in that because it remind me of Canada, but even better because NO SNOW! Which means no shovelling, no wiping of cars, no idiot drivers, it’s great. I much prefer to deal with a couple days of 40 degrees opposed to dealing with months of frozen tundra.

There is so much to see, do, and eat, here in Australia and I’ve only seen one tiny part of it!

I would highly recommend living or coming to Melbourne as a holiday.

Now that I live here and am finally settled I wouldn’t change being here at all, I’m so happy I get to live here and raise Ainsley here.

Now if only the rest of my friends and family would move here then that would be perfect!

But until then I’ll appreciate the life I have now here in Aus, and the life I lived in Canada.

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