Ainsley’s 7 Month Update

Well, Ainsley is officially over half a year, my little monkey turned 7 whole months today.

I’m not crying, your crying…

Ok maybe I shed a tiny tear while I cuddled her this morning…

Shes growing so much every single day both physically and mentally. It’s so hard to keep up with everything going on, she’s such a little busy body!

Now that Ainsley is 7 months, I’m not sure her exact weight but she is now starting to fit into 6-12 month clothing! Her shoes are still 0-3 or sometimes 3-6 shoes. She’s pretty petite for a 7 month old, but healthy nonetheless.

Ainsley now has 2 teeth, her bottom front teeth. She did so well with teething we barely knew they were coming in! Such a little trooper she is! She loves to bite anything and everything she can with her little teeth, we call her Ainsley shark.

She’s still on formula (obviously) as well as puréed foods and mashed foods. She loves apples, bananas, figs, oatmeal, avocado, acai, and any berries! We also let her chew on sticks of boiled vegetables, baby teething bread sticks, and she loves when we put a variety of things in her mesh feeder bags. She loves food, as long as it’s not carrots… Girl hates carrots.

She sits up all on her own very strong and very well, only topples over if she’s super lazy haha!

Still no crawling but she is itching to move! She hates being still, she wants to stand on things constantly, or have you hold her up so she can stomp around! If my guess is correct I think she’ll be walking before 12 months. She’s so active I can’t imagine her being immobile for too long.

Her sleep is going extremely well, generally she sleeps from 9:00pm straight till 7:00am but occasionally gets up at around 2:00am for a quick top up then goes back down! So no complaints on that front! Phewf…

She naps twice a day, once in mid morning and one in late afternoon. Sometimes she skips her nap in the afternoon which makes her such a grump! But it’s been hard this holiday season because we’ve been running around like crazy people.

Overall she’s such a fun baby. She loves to play with her toys, she loves hanging out with her family and friends, she LOVES dogs, and most of all she loves to chew things (especially blankets.)

I say this every month but I truly cannot wait for the months to come. Watching her personality form and seeing her grow is the best feeling in the world.

The love and happiness she brings to my life is like no other, I’m so proud to be the Mamma of such an amazing little human.

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