“New Year New Me”

We’ve all heard it a million times, how much the coming year will be a time to completely change your lifestyle, lose weight, eat better, blah blah.

“New year, new me!”

But what if the you that you are right now is enough?

There’s nothing wrong with setting goals and wanting to better yourself. But that doesn’t make who you are now any less amazing.

There’s no need for a new you, the you that you are is good enough.

With the new year creeping in I think people start to hyper focus on all the things they didn’t accomplish this year, they focus on all the bad things that the year brought and promise to themselves “the next year will be so much better!”

To me, this mindset is so unhealthy! I believe in focusing in all the good the year brought, even if it’s minor. Bad things happen all over, to everyone. But focussing on the negatives isn’t going to help you succeed.

Accepting the year as it was and thinking of all the things you did do will make you feel so much better about heading into a new year. Use the future that can be as motivation not the past that has been.

Head in to the new year feeling great, not with negative emotions all pent up because you didn’t lose those “last 10lbs.”

Like I said previously though, there’s nothing wrong with setting goals. In fact I myself have set some goals for 2018.

It’s no secret pretty much everyone’s goal is always to lose weight. There isint anything wrong with wanting to better your physical appearance or health.

But it makes a difference the type of goals you set. Instead of goals like “lose 20lbs” “get abs” “get a bigger butt…”

Make goals that will help you grow as a person, and improve your physical and mental health. Goals such as joining a gym, starting yoga, eating a more whole natural food diet, make an effort to reach out to more people, do things that step outside your comfort zone, spend more time outdoors.

Making goals that have more objectives than just to lose “X” amount of pounds. Because once you lose that weight then what?

Making bigger goals with a larger impact on your life than losing weight will not only still help you lose weight but will better your mental state and instead of giving up after you lose your desired weight can set you up for continuous success.

An example of this would be making a goal to incorporate more whole foods into your diet. Not only will this help you lose the weight you want by cutting out processed and fast food, but eating a whole food diet has plenty other (more important) effects aside from weight loss. Like clearer skin, increased energy, better mood, less bloating.

Moral of the story is with this upcoming year keep in mind that there’s no need to create a “new you.” Who you are is more than enough.

Head into the new year focusing on the positives, let go of the negatives.

It’s okay to want to lose weight or “get in shape” but set goals that will do more for your mental and physical health than just shed pounds.

Write down your goals and make it a point to look at them weekly. Do your best and keep a positive mindset! Changes physical or mental don’t happen over night and require constant effort. Don’t give up, keep at it, and by this time next year you’ll have so much to look back on and be proud of.

May 2018 bring the best for you!

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