Ainsley’s First Christmas Season

For all my Canadian followers, if you aren’t aware, Australia and North America’s seasons are reverse. Which yes means I’m currently in summer down here!

I mean I’m not complaining since I get to skip out on the whole ice, snow, slush, freezing rain and crap. BUT I will say it is a little odd to be wearing shorts and turning the air conditioning on 6 days before Christmas.

On a more serious note, I’m so excited to be spending our Christmas this year with the addition of Ainsley. Last year when I was pregnant I was so excited for her to be with us for the holidays.

Even though she has absolutely no idea what the heck is going on, Ben and I still agreed we wanted to make it special for her! I mean it’s really more for our memories but hey…

In Canada she got to decorate a gingerbread house (more like try to destroy it like a mini Godzilla,) and make Christmas crafts by using her little hand and feet prints! While we were in Canada we also got her Santa pictures done, which turned out adorable!

Now that we’re in Aus, we decorated the tree for the first time as a family in our own place (and even let Ainsley put a decoration on.) She finds the tree very interesting.

Ben and I have put lots of effort into picking out gifts that we know will be useful since she is only (almost) 7 months but also that she’ll love to play with. I’ve put plenty of time into wrapping them pretty even when in reality she’ll just try to chew the paper anyways!

Her stocking is all packed and ready for Christmas morning, and her Christmas PJ’s are washed, folded, and ready for the 24th!

As you can tell I’m pretty excited for her first Christmas…

Aside from what we got her, I’m so excited to spend Christmas Eve & Day with all of our Australian family and for them all to be a part of Ainsley’s first Christmas!

She’s such a happy baby when she’s surrounded by family and friends so Christmas will be no exception, I’m sure she’s going to have a blast!

If you have a little one this holiday season don’t feel silly for wanting to make it special! Even if they won’t remember it, you always will.

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