Current Baby Favourites

Ainsley is now (well as of tomorrow) six months old and I thought I would give my insight on what products she (or myself) really enjoys currently.

For those of you who know Ainsley, will know that she is a tough nut to crack. She’s not easy to please and for the most part is a little grump! She’s picky when it comes to pretty much everything, definitely a little diva in the making… Uh oh!

That being said here are some things that actually make my little grump and I happy!

  • Bumbo floor seat

I don’t think I’d be able to survive without this thing. Ainsley HATES laying down, she doesn’t want any part of it. So being able to sit her in the bumbo is a life saver, she loves sitting and watching people in the kitchen, or watching me do my hair!

  • Lamaze toys

These toys are super colourful, crinkly, squeaky, and have lots of different textures! Ainsley has a variety of them and honestly loves them all, but loves her moose toy the most!

We bring her moose everywhere!

  • Water bottles

The happiest I ever see Ainsley is when I’m drinking from a plastic water bottle. She gets so excited she starts waving her hands! Whenever I’m done with my water bottle I always let her have it, she’ll chew it and crinkle it until her hearts content.

  • Avent Soothers

Miss Ainsley has been the pickiest of picky when it comes to soothers, but finally she took to the Avent brand. She loves these because they are long and straight, they don’t curve like a lot of soothers out there!

  • Dr. Brown Wide Neck Glass Bottles

The one and only bottle Ainsley will take, is this one. I’ve had no issues with them leaking on her while she eats and I find them super easy to take apart to wash!

  • Boon Grass with Accessories

I love this product! Not to mention how cute it looks on the counter, but is super convenient to keep all your bottles and baby feeding equipment all together after it’s washed.

  • Plastic Bibs

Like all babies, Ainsley is an extremely messy eater. Especially since she’s now started this new thing where she thinks it’s hilarious to spit her food at me and get it absolutely everywhere! These are so easy to clean and cover much more than cloth bibs.

  • Exersaucer

Ainsley is finally getting to the age where she is interacting with her exersaucer! She gets so excited by some of the toys and is learning to hit, push, and play!

Those are the main things I can think of that Ainsley and/or I are currently loving! I would love to hear things that your baby enjoys around this age, or things that you as a parent love.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post that will be her 6 month update!

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