My Favourite Activewear

I swear I own more activewear than any other type of clothing and I’m totally not sorry about it… I don’t even need to be working out to wear it, I’ll rock the “heading to the gym” look any day of the week. Athletic wear is just so much more comfortable, especially post baby.

I’m constantly buying and on the lookout for new activewear, I’ve found a couple pieces I love and that are absolute staples which I’m going to share today. And if you guys are interested in another post I’ll share items I did not like!

But enough chatting, I’ll just get into to my favourite activewear;

  • Lulu Lemon Hi-Rise Wunder Under Full on Luxtreme

An absolute staple for anyone who works out. The Luxtreme fabric unlike Luon is more of a compression feel, it really sucks you in! I also find it more sweat wicking than the Luon. I use these leggings when I know I’m going to be working up a sweat. The high waist is also a must.

  • Lulu lemon All the right places pant

They have a fricken pocket you guys, A POCKET! Whoever thought to put a pocket on leggings is a genius, it’s so handy. I love these for at the gym so I can stick my phone in my pocket instead of stuffing it in my bra… Aside from the pocket these leggings are super comfy, sweat wicking, and durable! The super high waist is also nice when doing HIIT or cardio and my shirt is always flying around.

  • Lorna Jane Twiggy Tight

These tights are a material I’ve yet to find in any other tight. In the most positive way it almost reminds me of like a wet suit… I know that may sound unappealing but trust me they are SO soft and SO sweat wicking it’s insane! They are extremely comfortable and the most high waisted leggings I’ve ever seen. They just hold everything in and are perfect for cardio!

  • Old Navy Go-Dry Strappy Mesh Tank

When it comes to tops, I’m not as picky as I am with my leggings. I generally don’t spend too much on my workout tops. I mostly get them from old navy (Canada) or cotton on body (Australia.) I have this specific top from old navy in about three colours and I love it! It fits well, is comfortable, and doesn’t show sweat easily.

  • Live Fit Century Muscle Tank

Although not as cheap as old navy, most certainly worth it. Live Fit’s muscle tanks are the softest things I’ve ever felt. Seriously it’s hard to explain the material, but it’s like your favourite T-Shirt times ten! I was sceptical on purchasing this because like I said I don’t like to spend money on tops, but now I have four so… That should say something!

  • Live Fit Cropped Hoodie

I mean aside from the fact this is super adorable. I love this sweater for days I don’t plan on doing any cardio and want to keep warm in the gym. It’s cute, not too heavy so I don’t sweat like a maniac, and is the perfect amount of cropped to wear comfortably with high waisted leggings!

  • Nike Free Run Flyknit

If you are in the market for a running shoe, look no further. These are hands down the BEST running shoe I’ve ever owned. They weigh next to nothing and with the sock like fit, feel like you aren’t even wearing shoes! They are so stretchy and comfy, I could seriously walk or run forever in these. I wear low cut no show socks with these and they have yet to give me any type of blister! I wear these for cardio, lifting, or leisure! I love love love these shoes.

Those are my favourite active wear pieces that come to the top of my head. As you can see I didn’t include any sports bras, because I have yet to find a sports bra that I actually like! So PLEASE if you have a sports bra recommendation I’d love to hear it because I’m in serious need of a good one!

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