Winter Sucks

As the holidays start to approach that means so does the winter weather…

I’m a Christmas fan don’t get me wrong, I’ll jingle my bells all over town, I love Christmas.

But something I am not a fan of is winter, winter sucks.

This may be an unpopular opinion since I know tons of people who love winter and all the “fun” festive activities that come along with it, but not this girl.

I don’t ski, I don’t snowboard, I don’t snow shoe, I can’t skate, I don’t enjoy playing in the snow, being out in the snow, walking in the snow, hell I don’t even like looking at the darn snow! Aside from the obvious fact that winter is COLD, here are some reasons as to why exactly I hate this season so much.

Being outside in the snow makes everything wet. Having wet socks and wet mittens is for sure in my top five most hated things of all time. It’s nasty, uncomfortable, and a complete day ruiner if you ask me. I can’t be the only one who gets miserable once I can feel puddles in my boots…

Aside from getting wet from being in the snow, trying to do anything productive in the snow or cold is next to impossible. It’s makes every task at least 10 times more difficult. Pushing a stroller, going for a run, driving, literally anything outdoors sucks to have to do in the snow. And who wants to get stuff done in the cold? CRAZY PEOPLE THATS WHO. Never will you ever find me voluntarily doing something outdoors in the winter, sorry nope, not happening!

Now this next reason for my little hate on winter (ok maybe big hate on winter,) is just a personal issue but… I CANNOT STAND THE SOUND OF CRUNCHING SNOW. Yep, you read it right. The sound of walking in crunchy snow makes my head hurt, it physically bothers me to a point I will avoid it at all costs. For my entire life I can remember absolutely dreading snowfall because I knew it meant I’d have to walk in snow. As I’ve gotten older it doesn’t bother me half as bad as it used to but if there is a route that doesn’t involve me walking in snow you best believe I’ll be taking that way.

I hate bundling up. I’m not a huge fashion lover or someone with extremely good style, but I think everyone can agree winter fashion is not the greatest. There’s only so much styling you can do when it’s -25 degrees out. I’m sure some people look adorable in snow gear but not me, slap a pair of snow pants on me and I look like a nice plump sausage.

Now I’ve tried to enjoy winter, I’ve done the whole skiing, tubing, (trying to) skate, sledding, snowmobiling, and all that jazz. And it’s just not in the cards for me. Winter activities have zero appeal to me and I don’t find any of them worth freezing my ass off for, sorry snow bunnies.

I just hate being cold and wet, I hate winter sports and the sound of snow. So clearly winter has nothing to offer me (other than the winter drinks at Starbucks.)

Now all that being said, this is most likely my last ever winter here in Canada since I’ll be moving to Australia for good so…. Cheers!

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