Cold Hard Wean

It’s been a hectic week to say the least. Hence the no blog posts which I apologise for, but I’m back now that things have settled.

This past week has involved transitioning little A onto the bottle. As much as I loved the convenience of breastfeeding I could tell she wasn’t getting enough to eat. She was constantly hungry, always crying, wanting to feed every hour (sometimes less.) And she was on the lower end of weight for her age and was having trouble gaining steadily. It was mentally and physically draining to have a constantly unhappy baby.

That being said this wasn’t my first time trying to introduce her to the bottle. Ideally I would have liked to do both, breastfeed and bottle feed. But Ainsley wasn’t going to have that, we had to cut the breastfeeding entirely out.

There’s no way she was taking a bottle from me to start, she’s too smart for that. She knows I have milk and wasn’t gonna let up till she got what she wanted. I decided to do a hard wean, quit breastfeeding cold turkey, so essentially she would have no choice but to take a bottle. So my Mom (god bless her soul) took Ainsley for a full 24 hours without me to get her on the bottle. She didn’t take much at first, but it was a start!

When she came back to me after the 24 hours that’s when the real work began! She fought it and fought it, it took a lot of shoving a bottle in her mouth for her to finally give in and suck but when she did hallelujah!

The bottle that finally did the trick was the Dr. Brown’s wide neck glass bottle, out of the 12 I have tried this is the ONLY one she will take. As for formula she drinks Nestle Goodstart stage one.

These past five days have been a world of difference, she is so much happier. I can tell she is so much more full, she doesn’t cry or fuss all the time now. She goes about four hours between bottles, but has puréed food in between to satiate her!

As much as I enjoyed breastfeeding and am a little sad to not have that bond anymore I am so glad to finally have a happy baby!

On top of a bottle, this week was also the week of the pacifier. It took a lot of (and still does) holding it in her mouth and basically giving her no option but to suck it. Sounds cruel but without breastfeeding she needs a way to soothe herself. The pacifier she finally took to was the Avent ones, if anyone has any suggestions of what to do with the other 20 she hated, send them my way!

She’s been such a trooper with all these changes, and I’m so happy it went relatively smoothly. She’s still adjusting to the fact she can’t sooth herself by nursing but she’s doing so well! And for what it’s worth I am much happier as well, not dealing with constant crying is a huge relief, oh and FINALLY being able to enjoy a glass (or two) of wine is not to bad either.

I know the cold turkey weaning process is not for everyone but she wouldn’t take a bottle any other way! After trying the traditional weaning methods and bottle introductions this is what worked for us, it may seem a little harsh but I’ve never seen her happier!

Now that I’ve got a schedule under wraps I’ll be back to daily blogging! Like always if you have any suggestions for blog posts comment them below or email me at!Happy girl with her soother!

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