Ainsley’s 5 Month Update

I figured a good way to keep tabs on Ainsley’s month to month updates for not only myself to look back on, but for all of our family and friends who are interested in what’s going on with little miss is to write it all down here!
Ainsley turned five whole months on a October 30th, and honestly I had to fight back tears. It’s so unreal that she’s been with us for almost half a year. It feels like just yesterday I was bitching and complaining about how over due she was…

These past five months have been filled with a lot of love and a lot of tears (from both of us.)

As much as I love this child with my whole heart, she’s a grumpy little bear.

This past month has been the most challenging of them all. Ainsley is constantly needing someone’s full undivided attention or girl is ready to scream, and when I say scream I don’t use that term lightly. She’s got a set of lungs on her that’s for sure. This makes getting much (if anything) done very difficult, thankfully I have help from my family so I can take the occasional shower…

Luckily, she’s not overly picky as to who plays with her (although she prefers it to be Mommy of course) she just does not want to entertain herself.

Ainsley will not take a soother, no matter how hard I try she just does not want anything to do with them. I have a container of I think around 30… Given she’ll chew or suck just about anything else so, theres that.

Ainsley is also still rejecting any type of bottle. I have about 10 different types of bottles, so now that we’ve found a formula she doesn’t completely spit out (nestle goodstart) my goal is to find a bottle she’ll actually suck on and not just bite. My goal is to get her off the boob as she’s not gaining much weight anymore. We have introduced solids which she loves but obviously at this age milk/formula is most important form of nutrition.

On the topic of weight as of yesterday at the doctors Ainsley weighed in at 13.86lbs and 40cm tall!

For the most part she’s grumpy, unless she’s being held in a standing position, she loves to stand. She hates being laid on her back or stomach but if you stand her up she’ll give you a big ol smile accompanied with some happy stomps.

As for sleep, being back in Canada really screwed her schedule up. But for the most part she sleeps at around 9:30pm till 8am waking up once or twice to eat during the night! She’s not a fan of naps but I try to get her to nap twice a day.

On the rare occasion Ainsley isint grumpy she enjoys being in her jolly jumper, standing against the couch (whilst screaming at it,) going for walks, being naked, eating, watching football (or anything on the TV that moves for that matter,) chewing anything and everything she can get her slobber covered hands on, the sound of plastic water bottles, oh and we can’t forget her absolute fav; Mamma’s boobs!

Although she’s a handful, and not always the happiest baby, she’s my little grump! Days are long and hard but the minutes I get smiles and laughs make it all worth it.

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