Baby’s First Christmas Presents

The closer Christmas gets the more I’m at war with myself of what to do. Ainsley will only be seven months so obviously not old enough to remember or even really have any clue about what’s going on. But I still want to make it special (mostly for my sake let’s be honest.)

My boyfriend and I have decided to mainly get Ainsley things she needs, things we were going to buy her regardless and just wrap them up for Christmas. Of course along with a couple things that aren’t technically necessary because come on, its Christmas.

We’ve bought her a super cute Christmas outfit (pictures to come) so honestly the thing I’m most excited for is to dress her up and spend time with our friends and family!

There’s no need to break the bank on a Christmas she will never remember or even understand so if you’re like me and have a younger babe this Christmas here are some ideas of what we’re getting Ainsley this year. Hopefully this gives some inspiration to you Moms out there who are as stuck as I was!

  • Highchair

Now that Ainsley is starting to enter the world of food, we thought a great gift would be a highchair! It’s something we were going to buy her anyways, so might as well wrap it up for Christmas! Here’s the one we decided on;

Blames high chair from IKEA $89
  • Baby Bowls

Along with her highchair she’s going to need some things to eat out of! These are the bowls I’ve picked out for Ainsley! I found these on Amazon, and they’re awesome because they stick right to the tray to reduce mess!

Found these on Amazon for $15.99
  • A Special friend

Every kid always has a special stuffed animal friend, we would love to have Ainsley find the perfect stuffed friend to be attached to so here are the two we chose.

The first toy is from a brand called Slumberkins, each stuffed animal comes with a special intention and own personal mantra. The fox is the one we chose for Ainsley because the fox stands for change (and she’s been through a lot of change in her short time here,) but there are also sloths, sharks, yetis, and even a Bigfoot, all with their own special meaning.

Slumberkin Fox in colour “rose” $48

The second was curtesy of Ainsley’s Grandma! She read my mind, because I wanted to buy Ainsley one of these anyways- so thanks Grandma Caz!

Cuddle + Kind “Willow the Deer” $59-$79

This toy comes from a brand called Cuddle + Kind I absolutely love this brand, for every stuffie purchased, the company donates 10 meals to children in North America and around the world! These stuffed animals are handmade and fair trade! Each animal comes with a birthday, little story, and favourite quote! There are a ton of variety of animals and they also come in a large and small size. Ainsley’s Grandma picked out this one for her (my personal favourite as well.)

  • Jolly Jumper

Ainsley won’t sit or lay longer than five minutes so this was a must! This gift is curtesy of her Grandpa, so thank you to him!

Black Jolly Jumper $50

This is a great gift for your baby if (like Ainsley) they can’t sit still and hate being in any position other than standing.

  • Clothing

By the time Christmas rolls around Ainsley should be in size 6-12 month clothing, so she’ll need some new stuff! She’s currently still in some 0-3 and 3-6! And we are not prepared for 6-12, she has a few things but certainly not enough. So we may as well wrap them up for Christmas!

We haven’t bought her any clothes yet but some of my favourite baby clothing stores are old navy, cotton on, carters, and bonds! They are all reasonably affordable and have super cute things.

So far that’s all we plan to give Ainsley! Hopefully this gives you some inspiration on what to get your little one if you’re stuck!

Remember Christmas isint about what you get your babes, it’s about making memories and spending quality time with them! Because in all honestly I’m sure you could wrap up toys they already own and they’d be just as clueless.

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