Dealing With Change

The past five years of my life change has been non stop. My parents splitting up, moving away from home to university, entering treatment for an eating disorder, moving to Australia, and of course having a baby. I mean really, what else could life throw at me?

Prime example of how change can be positive, look at the beautiful pumpkin who’s now blessed my life

At some point in your life whether you like it or not, things will change. Regardless of big or small, change can be very hard to deal with.

I used to hate change and tend not to cope well at all with any little change and especially not big changes. But learning to better deal with change has been very beneficial to me. I no longer get super anxious when things don’t work out as planned and am more accepting of new ideas instead of being so negative.

In this post I will give you my top tips on how to deal with the inevitable; change.

1. Recognise the Change

This may sound silly but before accepting or dealing with changes head on, you need to acknowledge the change.

2. Accept your Feelings

Change is not always easy or positive. Don’t avoid your emotions, listen to how you feel. Accept your feelings and become self aware of them. By doing this you allow yourself to understand and manage your emotions.

3. Create a Positive Mantra

Having things change that you have no control over is hard. But something I find helpful is to create a positive mantra to constantly reassure myself with. An example of one would be;

“I can get through this. It’s not my fault things change, but I will keep an open mind.”

4. Reach out

Going through changes are hard and sometimes very overwhelming. Never feel like you need to go through it alone. Reach out to friends and family to talk, vent, or just to get your mind off things. You’d be amazed to find when you reach out for help how actually helpful it can be. Often times we get into the mindset that we’re the only ones who deal with or feel a certain way but in reality a lot of the feelings we have and situations we encounter are more common than we think and by talking about them with like minded people it can be very helpful to put our mind at ease!

5. Only YOU control YOU

Lastly but most importantly keep in mind that the only person who controls you is you. Although everything around you is changing and life may feel like it’s upside down, you are the only person who controls the way you deal with things and how you react to situations. As hard as it may be try your best not to let the change in your life control you.

Those are the tips I have for you, and hopefully you find one or all of them helpful!

But in all honestly as many tips as I can give, everyone deals with change differently. Try to keep a positive outlook and think about all the good things that come from change. I mean think about it, if things in life never changed imagine where society would be today (oh boy…)

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