Staying On Track While Traveling 

As someone who’s been bouncing between Canada and Australia I’ve done my fair share of traveling. It’s long, gruelling, and just not enjoyable in general. ESPECIALLY if you have a baby, imagine all the regular travel struggles multiplied by 100.

But don’t let the stress of traveling get you off track! Living a healthy lifestyle is important to me so even on travel days I like to do my best to stay on track! Here’s my best tips on how I do so;

  • Pack your own snacks.

Instead of the pathetic little bags of sodium packed peanuts they give out on the plane, or stopping in the airport to grab something quick like chocolate, chips, or candy, I suggest coming with your own snacks! Not only is this better for you but WAY cheaper. You will have to check your specific airlines rules as to what is allowed but for the most part things such as granola bars, protein bars, nuts, dried fruits, rice cakes are all allowed! My general rule of thumb is ifs it’s in a package it’s probably safe. But like I said, make sure you double check with your airline!

Below will be some examples of my personal favourites but feel free to bring whatever healthy snacks you enjoy!

My all time favourite brand of granola bars are the KIND bars, they are low in sugar but still taste absolutely delicious!
These bars are DELICIOUS and can be bought in bulk at Costco!
Chocolate Caramel Rice Cakes, my favourite!
Much healthier than the regular Ol’ potato chip and taste great!
  • Scope out healthier options

During your layover you may want to grab something to eat. Don’t fear, there are plenty of places you can find healthy options.

My favourite is subway and it also happens to be extremely common (and inexpensive.) Subway is very customisable and can be very calorie friendly! My Go-To is an oven roasted chicken salad with olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, and sweet onion dressing.

My Go-To from Tim Hortons is deffinately the oatmeal, it’s extremely filling which leaves me satisfied, gives me energy for the long hours of traveling with a baby and it’s good for me.

Lastly most airports have Starbucks, if you haven’t already make sure to check out my blog post about healthy Starbucks drinks. But as for food, the reduced-fat turkey bacon egg white sandwhich is amazing and isint crazy high in fat compared to others.

If none of these places work for you just do your best to make mindful decisions of what you order!

  • Get your steps in

Being sedentary on a plane for 15 hours sucks, nor is it good for you! Getting up and walking the aisles of the plane will not only allow you to get your steps in but will help with circulation and water retention to reduce the dreaded travel bloat and swelling!


If you only take one piece of advice from this article let it be hydrate! If you do chose to eat the plane food which is typically higher in sodium hydrating will help flush the excess salt out of your system. Along with flushing your system, staying hydrated will also help with the water retention that comes with flying.

  • Love yourself

Life is all about balance, so if you feel like having a treat, do so but just in moderation! We’re all human and far from perfect so don’t stress if you do fall off track on travel day. Travelling is hard and stressful for the best of us, particularly if you’ve got a little one.

Hopefully you can take some tips from this post on your next trip to help stay on track with your healthy lifestyle even on travel days. Don’t forget healthy eating is not a diet it’s a lifestyle, so just do your best with what’s available to you!

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