Make Time for Yourself Mamma

Mom is a title I wear on my sleeve loud and proud. It is my greatest achievement in life and my number one priority. But that being said I’m more than just a Mom.

I think as Moms it is important not to lose yourself or forget the things that make you, you. Finding time for yourself, for things you enjoy, and for the little things that make you happy  is crucial in keeping your sanity as a Mom.

Spending all day, every day, 365 days a year catering to your kids will drive you to insanity. You need time for self care, time to de-stress, and quality time for just your boyfriend/husband/baby daddy and yourself.

I realise as a Mom (especially of a baby) it seems damn near impossible to find more than five minutes to yourself. And not only lack of time but we all face the dreaded Mom guilt. Feeling like we’re letting our kids down, being selfish, or making the wrong choice.

But I’m here to say, embrace the Mom guilt! It’s okay to be a little selfish, and to take some time for yourself, you work hard! And ultimately taking time for yourself will make you happier and less stressed which I’m sure your kids (and partner) will appreciate. My boyfriend can vouch for this because I turn into one grumpy Mamma when I go too long cooped up at home, spending every waking minute with the baby and neglecting myself.

As for the lack of time, self care doesn’t always have to be an entire weekend away from the kids. It can be as simple as passing off the baby to your husband so you can take a bath and put on a face mask! Or even dropping the kids at grandmas for two hours to grab a coffee or dessert with your boyfriend! Even doing something small you love everyday, whether that be spending time on your makeup, doing your hair nice, or in my case blogging. Simple things like this can make a huge difference.

For example, being a stay at home Mom I started this blog as something just for me. I love to write and even though yes, I could be spending the time I put into these posts playing with my daughter, cleaning the house, doing laundry (the list goes on,) writing makes me happy and gives me time to focus on my thoughts and feelings. It’s something I love to do so why just because I’m a Mom should I stop?

Another thing that I love is when my boyfriend and I drop Ainsley off with her grandma and go out baby-less. It’s not for too long, but grabbing coffee, catching up, and just spending quality time together talking by ourselves is so incredibly important to us and our relationship. It makes us happy, and gives us a little break from Bubs that is sometimes needed! Oh and gets me out of the house, which if you’re a stay at home Mom like me will get you very excited.

Sneaky little dessert date night!


There should be no shame in doing things for yourself as a Mom. Just because you’re a Mom doesn’t mean you aren’t still human. Take time to get your nails done, go to the gym, go out for drinks with your friends, read a chapter of your favourite book. Do something solely for the fact it makes you happy.

Us Moms do a lot for our kids and at the end of the day taking some time for ourselves is not the end of the world and speaking from experience makes me a lot happier of a person.

Do something you love today Mamma’s, you deserve it!

One thought on “Make Time for Yourself Mamma

  1. It took me 21 years to realise that I need time for me. Being a mum is the grearest gift of all but that doesn’t mean you have to forget who you are. A less stressed happy mum is what your children need. Well done Maddie on this amazing blog.

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