Healthy Starbucks Options

Everyone likes coffee, and if you don’t you clearly haven’t been a university student or a parent yet.

Yes it’s cheaper and easier to make coffee at home but as a stay at home Mom I use my daily coffee as an excuse to get out of the house! Bubs and I pack the stroller up and walk our way to Starbucks as a nice outing!

As someone who’s trying to watch the calories and eat healthy Starbucks can be a daunting place! A lot of the drinks are packed full of sugar, fat, and calories. But don’t fret I’m here to tell you some easy tips and my favourite options that are both delicious and calorie friendly!

Before I list my favourites I thought I’d give some basic tips;

  • Forgo the sugar, bring your own sweetener! I like to use liquid stevia which you can find in most grocery stores.
  • Cut the dairy, Starbucks drinks automatically come made with 2% milk, substitute this for either almond or coconut milk to cut out fat and lower the calories!
  • No classic, in some drinks (mostly the iced variety) they add a sugar syrup they call “classic” it’s basically just to sweeten the drinks! I always ask for no classic to save the calories, then add my own sweetener!
  • Sugar free please! Starbucks is awesome because most of their syrups come also as sugar free! Just ask to substitute when you order.
  • No whip, if you do feel like indulging a bit by getting a frap (cause sometimes we all need a little frap in our lives) just ex on the whip cream! This saves a bit of calories while still enjoying the frappucino!

Most of the baristas I’ve encountered have been nothing but awesome with all my questions and substitutions so don’t feel like it’s a bother! I tend to tip them as well to thank them for being patient… With that being said here are my 3 go-to orders!

My Go To Iced Coffee:

  • Venti Iced Coffee made with Almond milk, No classic syrup, 2 pumps sugar-free vanilla
  • Once I get my coffee I add my own liquid stevia (0cals)
  • The only calories from this drink are from the almond milk which if you punch in online come to 60cals!

My Go To Warm Drink:

  • Grande Cappuccino made with Almond Milk
  • I also add my own liquid stevia to this one (can you tell I like sweet things)
  • This drink is 100 calories and perfect for a chilly day

When I’m not feeling coffee:

  • Grande Unsweetened Green Tea Lemonade
  • Super yummy and refreshing, this drink rings in at 45 calories!

Don’t forget, it’s totally okay to indulge in a high calorie, delicious sugary drink every so often, it’s all about balance! But if like me Starbucks is a regular occurrence you may want to opt for healthier choices!

I hope this helped, I’d love to hear some of the drinks you guys enjoy in the comments below! I’m always looking for new drinks!

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