Baby Products; The Good, The Bad, The Useless 

It seems like everywhere I look someone is having a baby! It’s every new Moms instinct to buy every little gadget or product marketed for baby’s because well they obviously need it, right? False. Let me be the first to tell you I hoped on the train of buying every little thing I thought my baby needed even though so many experienced Moms told me not to. But seriously listen to me; SAVE YOUR MONEY. 

That being said there are some very useful baby products. So in this post I’ll be telling you baby products I loved, the products I wish I would’ve waited on and products that were just downright useless!

I’ll start off on a positive note and give you guys my favourite baby products I found (and still find) useful, keep in mind I have a 5 month old.

  • Nursing pillow

If you plan to nurse (or at least try) invest in one of these pronto. It will save you a ton of struggle, seriously! A bonus is it can also be used for tummy time or to prop your little one up to sit! The one I use is made by jolly jumper and is great, the only downside is it does not have a washable cover so in hindsight I would’ve looked for that because blowouts and spit up do happen (more than I thought clearly.)

Here’s the link if you are interested: Nursing Pillow

  • Nursing Bra

Again if you plan to nurse invest in a quality nursing bra. Although very grandma looking you will be super comfy and whipping out your boob to nurse will be much easier.

This is my favourite nursing bra it comes in a bunch of colours:                                 Nursing Bra

  • Zipper Sleepers

Because at 3am no one wants to be fussing around with a billion buttons. Zip up sleepers are a life saver and a world more convenient for quick diaper changes over the button up sleepers. 99% of the time my daughter lives in these because they’re comfy and convenient and I don’t want to fuss her into outfits if we just plan on lounging!

My favourite are from old navy, super soft and pretty much always on sale:                Zip Up Sleeper

  • Travel System

Having a car seat that I can move from the car right to the stroller has been a blessing. I’m sure I’m not the only Mom who dreads waking their sleeping baby by removing them from the coziness that is their car seat. My babe loves to fall asleep in the car and/or while we’re walking so by eliminating the car to stroller transition this allows her to just keep napping. Especially handy when we’re doing errands and jumping from store to store!

This is the stroller and car seat duo I have and love:                                                      Travel System

  • Crinkle Toys

Nothing keeps my babe entertained for long but one thing she does love is chewing and tugging crinkle toys! The sound intrigues her more than any other toy she has including her $25 Lamaze toys (sigh.) Bonus is you can find these for super cheap like the ones I have off amazon, they also have little textured plastic pieces for all the teething babes out there!

Here are the ones I have:                       Crinkle Toys

Now that I’ve listed some of my baby must haves here are the products that didn’t work for me! Keep in mind every baby is different and what doesn’t work for me may work for you.

  • Pacifiers

Before Ainsley was born I stocked up on all sorts of pacifiers, like I’m talking around 25 pacifiers… Guess who’s baby ended up hating them? Yup. Mine! I could not get her to take any one of the many I had, no matter what I tried she just hated them all! My advice with pacifiers is WAIT. Until you know if your babe will take them or not, just hold off spending a ton on pacifiers or you’ll end up like me with a jar full of useless suckies.

  • Bottle Set

Another thing I advise waiting on. I splurged on a high quality bottle set and yet again just like the pacifiers my babe hated them! My advice before buying an entire set is to buy a single bottle from the brand you are looking at, and once you find a bottle your babe takes to then purchase the set! Save your money ladies, bottles aren’t returnable once opened (sigh…again)

  • Nursing Covers

I’m all for nursing in public cause when my girls hungry she’s hungry and nothing will soothe her till she gets her boob lemme tell ya… But one thing I purchased that I NEVER used was a nursing cover. I tried it at first but honestly it was annoying, made me hot, and my babe hated having it covering her face (since she enjoys staring at me while eating.) I found it so much easier and enjoyable to just wear nursing friendly clothing that kept me somewhat covered or to just not give a shit.

  • Velcro Swaddles

Great idea in theory, but this is another thing I would advise waiting on! Just like pacifiers and bottles Ainsley hated being swaddled! She would find a way every time to wiggle her little arms out or just cry till we unleashed her limbs. Some baby’s hate it and some love it, so before you buy the fancy expensive swaddles make sure your little one is going to get use out of them (unlike my diva child.)

Now that I’ve told you the things that completely failed for me here are the baby products that (in my opinion) are completely useless.

  • Baby Shoes

I know how tempting cute little baby shoes are but trust me you don’t need them nor will your little one keep them on. I bought Ainsley a few pairs of adorable little shoes and they were not worth the fight. Once I finally got them on they’d be gone in about five minutes… Save your money and buy them shoes once they can walk and actually need them.

  • Wipe Warmer

It’s a butt, it doesn’t need specially warmed up wipes. I have nothing more to say about that.

  • Baby bathrobes

Although adorable, they are extremely useless and inconvenient. Hooded towels do the job just fine, no sense wrangling your wet infant into a robe.

  • Pacifier/toy Santizing Wipes

Yes I bought these and yes I feel like an idiot. The package is 99% full still because realistically I just run anything that falls under hot water or stick it in my own mouth and tadda!

And there ya go! There’s my take on my favourites, what didint work for me, and what were just plain dumb. Feel free to share your loves and hates in the comments below!

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