Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! I thought I should make my first post the obligatory introduction post so here we go!
My name is Madelaine Moreau, I am 21 years old and a first time Mamma to my beautiful 5 month old daughter, Ainsley. 

My little love, Ainsley May!

I was born and raised in Canada, however now I live in Melbourne Australia with my boyfriend and Ainsley’s father (that whole moving process is it’s whole own blog post!)

Our little family

I’m currently a full time stay at home Mom and started this blog partially to give myself something to do, but also to share my experiences, opinions, advice and thoughts with others, in hopes maybe they’ll be of use to at least a couple people out there! 

This blog will primarily be about my life, my journey as a mother, and my love for health and fitness. I plan to share helpful posts such as workouts, recipes, and helpful things I’ve learned as a new mom. That being said I also plan to write just to share my day to day life and experiences!

Hopefully something about this sounds appealing and you decide to stick around, ’cause I’d love to have ya! 



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